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Philippines Weather

Sun or Rain?


Current Weather

Weather is a dynamic process. In the tropics (e.g. Philippines) it is even extremely dynamic. Weather observation is needed for farmers, fishermen and tourism. Weather is the status of the atmosphere at a moment. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively long periods of time. See also our "Climate page".

Weather forecast is very important to save lives. Severe weather in the months of June to December means tropical storms and typhoons. It may also mean drought during an El-Niño year or floods and week-long rain during a La-Niña year. See also our "El-Niño/La-Niña page". The Philippines are exposed to dramatic and fast weather development.

We provide you with "raw" and "prepared" information.

"Raw" information means satellite images. Seeing a storm developing on an animated satellite image allows you to predict its future direction. You can change your travel plans early enough and if needed look for shelter. "Prepared" information means outlooks on future weather with a certain probability of errors.

To complete your weather information have also a look in our "Marine Weather page".

We currently encounter problems with our weather data providers.

Instead of providing you with wrong information, we recommend to visit other sites.

There is bad weather approaching the Philippines. Currrently it is a low pressure area, but it could develope into a Tropical Storm or even a Typhoon.

For up to date typhoon information please visit the most reliable meteorological institution:

Japan Meteorological Agnency (JMA)

The Philippine site of "Typhoon2000" can also help you to get prepared:


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