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"Island hopping" is fascinating, if you observe some basic rules. You will enjoy unique experiences and make many of your dreams become real.

Island Hopper's Rule 1:
When you plan your journey, don't do it too tight and always have a plan "B"! The plan "B" can become important at the end of your trip, when you have to reach your outbound flight.

Island Hopper's Rule 2:
Check the weather! A tropical depression or a typhoon can block all transportation between the islands during a day or even longer. Weather is here and here.

Island Hopper's Rule 3:
Island hopping needs time. Time to travel but also time to see and to live the unique world around you. Think of 1 full day to get from one island to another. Consult our ferry pages.

Island Hopping

Island Hopper's Rule 4:
Count at least 4 to 5 days per province. Some islands are equal to one province (e.g. Siquijor or Camiguin). Others are composed of 2 or more. Negros has 2 provinces, Panay has 4 of them.

Island Hopper's Rule 5:
Check the "Holiday calendar" before leaving. On the one side you may live an unforgettable experience. And on the other side you know when banks and offices will be closed and public transport will be overcrowded.

Island Hopper's Rule 6:
Take night ferries. There are lots of advantages. The nights on sea are fresher than on land. The rates are reasonable and you get a bed on any ferry. And if you cannot sleep, there is very often a sparkling night sky full of stars and there is also a bar, where you can get a cup of noodles and a drink. Ferries are here.


Island Hopper's Rule 7:
Go easy! Reduce your luggage to the minimum. It is always warm here (except up in the mountains). You can have washed (or wash yourself) anywhere. Soap, shampoo and toothpaste you find in any sari-sari store in extra-small quantities. For some destinations you have luggage restrictions of 10kg. Domestic flights are here.

Island Hopper's Rule 8:
Have enough cash with you. ATMs and resorts do not always accept your credit card. Banks may be closed or nonexistent. With 1500 pesos per day for food, accommodation and local transports you should be on the safe side. Money information and Exchange rates are here.



Panay is the big island in the center of the Philippines. Only few people really know Panay because Kalibo and Caticlan are the gateways to Boracay. But Panay has a lot of natural and cultural secrets.

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The Islands


Boracay - the party island. Boracay the tourist destination #1. But do you know the secrets of this wonderful island. We show you the remaining nature and interesting places like Puka Shell Beach and Bulabog.

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Guimaras is a secret pearl. Not only come the world's sweetest mango from Guimaras, there are also wonderful beaches with white sand and secret coves to relax. Iloilo, a booming city, is only 30 minutes by boat.

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Nature and Beaches! Camiguin is the upcoming travel destination because of its unspoiled nature and the most friendly people in the Philippines. 7 volcanoes and 6 springs invite for discovery. Beaches are black and white.

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Bohol offers beaches, nature and history. Here live the world's smallest primates, the tarsiers. Here you climb the famous Chocolate Hills. And the beaches! Go swimming with dolphins on a white beach.

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Panglao is a white beach around the island. Here the rich and glorious spend their holidays. Not as party as Boracay but much more exclusive. Do you want to rent a whole island?

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Siquijor is a mysterious island just off southern Negros. In one day you drive around the island. But when you go inland, you discover mysteries. The white Lady on the waterfalls, wak-waks and other healers make you shiver.

Misteries ... »


Explaining Bicol is impossible. Or how do you explain the most beautiful active volcano in the world, the biggest shark, the hottest springs and the funniest trains in the Philippines. Or do you want to survive in Caramoan?

The volcano land »


Go to Mindano and learn about the past of the Philippines. Mindanao is one of the stories of 1001 nights. You need time, but you won't regret. But there are still some "no-go" places for tourists. Read more ...

Where cultures meet »



Manila! Discover the secrets of this awful-wonderful city. Manila is the city where east meets west. Explore the banking district of Makati and then go over the Pasig river to Chinatown or get lost in the Mall of Asia.

The capital »

The Cities


Kalibo is one of the gateways to Boracay island. It is worth to stop over in Kalibo because it is a typical Philippines town. Kalibo is the gateway to mountain and rafting trips. Go to Lezo, the potters village.

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Iloilo has a deep cultural background. The first translation of the indigenous language had been written here. Discover old Spanish villas and churches and have trip to Guimaras.

Spanish roots »


Cebu City. Here live most of the expatriates from western countries. Here you find the largest Chinese community in the Philippines and here you find the most important port of the south.

The southern capital »


The Peñafriancia festival in September is one of the highest religious festivals in the Philippines. But Naga is also the starting point for springs, beaches and mountains. Caramoan, Bagasbas and the Riviera. Live it!

Peñafrancia ... »


Legazpi is the Naples of the Philippines. Naples' port of Santa Lucia is called 'Embarcadero' in Legazpi. And in the night, Mount Mayon, the most beautiful volcano on earth, shows crimson clouds at the horizon.

The volcano city »


Tagbilaran has a similar position as Kalibo. Tagbilaran is the gateway to Panglao, the "Glorious Island". Stay a day and a night in Tagbilaran to experience a typical Philippines town.

Gateway to Bohol »


Butuan is the home of the "Balangay", the ship that made the Philippines one of the most known seafarers. The city is small and invites to be explored on foot. But beware of the floods in winter.

The origin »


Cagayan de Oro is the capital of "White Water Rafting". CdO (as we call it) is also the Philippines' Fruit Capital. Big companies bring bananas and pineapples from here to the world. The Xavier University is one of the best in the Philippines.

White waters »