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Information about airports and airlines, ports and ferries, buses and trains. Jeepney and taxi tariffs. Visa and visa extension.

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Information for explorers


What island should I visit? How can I get there? What can I see and expect? Are there hotels and resorts? How much do they cost?

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I got fever, what can I do? Do I need Malaria prophylaxis? Where can I find Filipino art? When and where is a festival?

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Weather forecast and alerts


Around 19 typhoons or storms enter the Philippine Area Of Responsibility every year and usually 6 to 9 of them make landfall. We follow these storms.

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Land and watersports


What sports are available on what island? Where can I rent equipment? How can I transport my equipment? Where can I find a guide?.

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We live here and write daily about breaking news, weather development and sometimes a lot of local gossip.Our blog news are burning hot.

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