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Weather just now

Fast Weather

Read the current weather and forecasts of 4 cities in the Philippines. The official weather analysis and the isobars map give you an overall information. The lightning map shows the current thunderstorms in and around the Philippines.

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Rain or shine, the weather is yours


If you have a bit more time to spend, you may want to watch our animated weather and wind maps. Watching a cyclone racing over the Pacific ocean can be exciting. The WindyTM maps allow you an animated and widely configurable personal forecast.

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Wind, waves and tides

Marine Weather

Wind, waves and tides are the most important elements for navigators, sailors and surfers. Tourists also want to know the water temperatures. Sorry for the tide calculator. It is currently a bit off the hook.

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Philippines climates


Is it a good idea to visit the Philippines in December? We say yes for the north and rather no for the south. The climates tell what you may expect. The weather then says how it really is.

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El Niño & La Niña are the children of the Tropics

El Niño & La Niña

El Niño & La Niña are the children of the Tropics. Both effects El Niño and La Niña are very important for the climate and the weather in the Philippines. El Niño brings drought and La Niña brings floods.

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