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Guides    Our Manila airport guides.

Manila Airport can be quiet a pain. But with the information provided in these illustrated and constantly updated guides, you will be prepared. You will keep smiling because you know how it works.

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All airports    Philippines Domestic Airports

There are over 80 airports in the Philippines. A government initiative will now add 10 more international airports. Check for the nearest airport to your destination and find the airlines flying there.

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Airlines    Airlines bookings and schedules

This page links you directly to the airlines booking and schedules pages. No more need to search and land on the wrong page.

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Status    On-line Flight Status

Direct link to all in and outbound flights in Manila NAIA. Domestic flights are listed by airline. All international flights from all terminals are in the list. Some domestic flights are in the list but do not have a real status.

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Air Charter    Air charter and air taxis

You fly according to the timetable that works for you, not on an airline's schedule. Your fly when you want and where you want.

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Visa    Get all the visa  information you need.

Here you find information about visa, visa-extension and offices of the Bureau of Immigration. We inform you about the different visas and their costs. We also inform you about legal papers you may need when arriving and departing.

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FAQ    Frequently asked questions airports and terminals, airlines

Frequently asked questions about airports, terminals, airlines and flights. Please read this before asking.

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