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Weather at a glance

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City Weather

What do you and the Filipinos do have in common? One thing is sure, you want to know, whether it will rain tomorrow or not. The following direct and up-to-date charts will help you.

While Filipinos are patient and say "tomorrow maybe", most Westerners are in a hurry and want it now, immediately and fast. Well, here it is.





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The Analysis

This analysis is made by the group of Michael Padua, the famous meteorologist from Naga City.

Michael Padua is known all over the Philippines for his outstanding website "Typhoon2000". This website is extremely useful when a typhoon develops and approaches the Philippines.

The original data comes from NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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 If you see this text, then has not yet released an update.
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The pressure

This map shows the isobars. Isobars are lines that link points of same atmospheric pressure.

If the isobars (the lines) are far from each other, then you may expect only weak or even no wind.

But when the isobars are very near, then it gets windy.

Storms have nearly concentric isobars around the center. In the center you find an L for "Low Pressure". Often the direction of the forward movement is indicated by arrows.

Severe storms are also marked with a cone out from the center. This cone shows the probability zone, where the center of the storm will pass.

Satellite Weather

For speed reasons we do not display the animated "Satellite Weather" in this page. We only show the newest image. The 7 days animations are here. Check them out. The animations give you a clear view on the weather development in the past and let you see how fast a weather system is moving towards your area of interest.

Questions & Answers

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