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Road Travel

On the road in the Philippines


Bus    Meeting people while traveling.

Buses are the most common long haul transportation in the Philippines. From northern Laoag to southern Davao one can ride with a bus. Here you find bus companies and routes.

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Manila Bus    Find your bus terminal in Manila.

It is not always easy to find a particular bus terminal in Metro Manila especially at 2 a.m. in a rainy night. Here you find interactive maps and information about the major bus terminals.

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Taxi    Don't get ripped.

Taxis are from "dealer new" Toyotas with a few 100 km of life to old, rusty Chryslers hold together with a lot of rusty wire and tape.

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Jeepney    A unique experience.

There are good roads and comfortable buses in the Philippines. But there are also extremely bad mud tracks and adventurous vehicles like jeepneys. We show you how to travel safely with a jeepney.

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Tricycle    Know how to use them.

Tricycles and motorelas are covering the last mile. If you are 6 feet tall and more, then you will suffer. And never underestimate the capacity of a tricycle, there is more space than you might imagine.

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Car rental   Oh, you want to drive yourself?

In big cities you find the usual rent a car companies. In the country-side you can rent from locals. If it's your first visit in the Philippines, think of renting a car with a driver. It might be better for your health.

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Motorbike    Wanna eat dust?

You can rent a motorbike anywhere. But only small ones are available. If you want a heavy one, read our page. We found some of the few real biker shops. .

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