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Philippines Maps

Our hassle-free maps choice.


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On-line map providers have different data sources and styles. They also update their maps and satellite images with specific intervals.

Your problem was to open 2 or 3 different maps and then zoom-in the same region. This is the past! With our all-in-one map, you simply switch between providers and styles.

Choose your map by clicking on the map types below.

Move around in the map and zoom in and out. If you zoom in too much, it can happen that the map provider has no pictures with this resolution. Then zoom out one level.


Ongoing project

This map page is an ongoing project. While you are using these maps, we are already developing new functions and new layers.

If you look for other layers or have ideas or want to contribute, write us a short message using the form below.


Under development:
- Distance measuring tool
- Off-line map storage
- Including Picasa and Flickr images


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