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What is new at Silent Gardens?


Once upon a time

Silent Gardens is a traveler's guide to the Philippines. For now over 10 years we are living and traveling in the Philippines. We like to share our experiences, our problems and their solutions with you.

10 years ago we created the first Silent Gardens website. Every day more than 4000 people visit our website. But their equipment has changed.

Today over 40% of our visitors browse Silent Gardens with a smartphone or a tablet computer. On these devices the old style of our website was not easily readable and navigation was very difficult.

This is why we did completely overhaul the presentation and made the layout responsive. Please read below how you can get the best results and up to date information from our new layout.


Old Silent Gardens

What is new?

Even if the proverb says "never change a running system" we did it, but we did it carefully. The alerts are now in the center of our home page.


They are green if everything is quiet, but they turn to orange or even red, when there are nature-events.

Entirely new are the barcodes in the lead-pictures on every page. You do not need to retype the page's address in your smartphone, you simply can scan it with free scan software. Here they are for Android phones and here they are for iPhones.


New Silent Gardens

Interactive !

Many pages are interactive. It's up to you to choose what you want to see.

  • There are many maps powered by "Google Maps", like the one aside, where you can move around, zoom in and out and check for complementary information. Click on the marker ...

  • On each page is a Q&A form with which you can request complementary information or send us information, critics, suggestions. The form is just below.

  • You can promote our pages using the social media icons. There you can comment and add your own impressions and informations.

  • Our blog accepts guest bloggers. Be one of them and reach thousands of daily readers with your texts, pictures and movies.


Questions & Answers

Sorry, we are on an explorer trip and cannot answer your questions for now.

Discovering new islands

See you soon again.

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