Travel Philippines

Traveling is cheap, but not so fast

By Air    It's cheap when you book early.

There are 3 big airlines and several smaller ones in the Philippines. You may book your tickets on the Internet and get your electronic ticket by e-mail or on your smart-phone. But be careful, there are some particular rules. We explain them to you.

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By Sea    A slow but mostly gentle experience.

Thousands of swimming vehicles bring you from one island to the next one. There are really grown-up ferries, there are fast crafts and there are rusty floating coffins. Some of the big shipping lines offer booking on the Internet. Otherwise you have to go to the next harbor. We show you how to sail.

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By Road    Adventures are included.

There are good roads and comfortable buses in the Philippines. But there are also extremely bad mud tracks and adventurous vehicles like jeepneys, tricycles, motorelas and habal-habals. We show you how to travel safely and sometimes comfortably.

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By Train    A steaming experience.

If you like to travel by train, we strongly recommend the newly re-opened Bicol-Express. In Metro Manila you may want to use the LRT and the MRT. But we warn you, do not use them during rush hour. We show you where and how to get tickets.

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Visa    Get all the visa  information you need.

Here you find information about visa, visa-extension and offices of the Bureau of Immigration. We inform you about the different visas and their costs. We also inform you about legal papers you may need when arriving and departing.

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Fees&Taxes    Know the hidden taxes and fees.

The Philippines are full of not so common taxes and fees. Before you board a ferry or a plane you have to pay the terminal fee, you have to pay community taxes, you have to pay environmental fees and many many more. They usually are not too expensive.

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Tax Refund    Get your money back

Getting refund for taxes and fees already paid is a horror trip in the Philippines. You have to fill in forms, you have to prove your identity and you have to prove that you have paid the tax of the fee.

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