Rent a motorbike

Drive carefully - wear a helmet

Motorbike rental in the Philippines

Renting a car in the Philippines is difficult but you can rent a motorbike nearly anywhere. I discovered the Philippines by ferry and motorbike.

Arriving anywhere simply ask somebody about a motorbike for rent. You will get offers from all bystanders.

Beware! If you are a real biker used to cruise with a 800, 1200 or 1800 ccm, then you will have to forget your dreams. All you get here are 125, 150 and 180 ccm. Frustrating!

There are some very sparse rentals that can provide you with real motorbikes. You find some of them below.

If you are not used to drive a motorbike, but your driver license allows you to drive a 125 ccm, then we recommend not to rent a motorbike. It is too dangerous. Not only the strange traffic rules can be dangerous, but there are lots of people and animals on the roads. Read our "Driving in the Philippines – a Beginner’s Guide".

What and how much?

Typical motorbikes you can rent anywhere are Honda and Yamaha assembled in the Philippines. They have 125 ccm motors and have a lot of plastic around the body. They are good for 2 to 3 persons.

Rates depend on the place, the rental duration and your bargain skills. Daily rental starts at PHP 250 and can go up to PHP 600. If you rent the motorbike for a week, then you usually get it for a daily rate of PHP 300 to 350.

If you rent in a resort, then you have to add PHP 50 to 150. Often these motorbikes belong to the staff of the resort.

CAUTION: Ask for a helmet. First it protects you and second you have to wear a helmet by law. You also need a copy of the bike's registration (LTO) papers with you.

WARNING: You have NO insurance cover. In an accident you have to pay your medical treatment and the repair/replacement of the motorbike.

HINT: In remote places fuel is available in sari-sari stores. The fuel is bottled in used Coke and Pepsi bottles.


A typical rental shop

A typical rental shop


Filipinos are friendly and help you

Filipinos are friendly and help you

The big ones

Seeing a real motorbike, a Harley-Davidson or a Moto Guzzi or a BMW is a rare pleasure in the Philippines. Renting such a motorbike is nearly impossible. But there are at some good addresses.

If you know another motorbike rental that rents bikes bigger than 200 ccm, please inform us using the form at the end of the page.


MB's Garden Inn
Basak Kagudoy
Mactan Lapu Lapu City
Cebu 6015
Phone: +63 32 4940851
Mobile: +63 915 741 9236


Nice Bike
Stall 73 Fields Avenue
Angeles City,
Pamganga 2009
Mobile: +63 918 456 4957

Motorbike Philippines

Motorbike Philippines rents motorbikes and offers guided trips - both on and off road. The off-road trips need some experience because you ride a Honda CRF250L Enduro. They also have a heavy machine, a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom for rent!

Skype: motorbikephilippines



Rent-Your-Bike Angeles City
Rent Your Bike

If you are looking for a place to start your Philippine Motorcycle Adventure you've found it. They are proud to provide you with well-maintained motorcycles to rent, ready to explore the amazing islands of the Philippines. Rent-Your-Bike in Angeles City!

17b Magsaysay Street, Plaridel 1, Malabanias
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines, 2009
Phone Number: +63 936 879 6289, +63 977 724 7395, +63 45 304 7166



Island Rentals
Island Rentals

Tey have been renting motorbikes in Bohol for more than 10 years. They have Honda Click Scooters and Honda XR Trailbikes. They are the only compaby in Bohol who has big bikes in the program, like the Ninja 650 and 250.

Tagbilaran East Road 724, Bool District, Tagbilaran, 6300, Bohol

Phone: +63 917 503 0675



Rent a Motor
Rent a Motor

Renta Motor Manila is a great place to rent motorcycles and scooters. They have scooters like honda Beat, Click, Nmax, Mio. They even have Kawasaki Versys 650cc and BMW f900r 900cc motorcyles.

32 N. Domingo st, Valencia, Quezon City, Manila
Phone: +63 939 914 1434



The smaller ones

Before you think about renting a motorcycle, make sure the registration is up to date and the vehicle is in good shape. Many rental agencies and private persons do not keep the registration current, dont give you a helmet, have made illegal modifications and some will even rent you a stolen motorcycle!

We publish some addresses, we think you can trust:

Book 2 Wheel

Book2Wheel is an online booking website for renting motorbikes. The principle is the same as AirBnB or Uber. You rent the bike from a private person The website is only an agent between customer and owner.

Mikes Motorcycle Rentals

If your planing a trip to Bohol, Cebu, Dumaguete or Leyte and need a motorcycle to rent, Mikes Island Motorcycle Rentals is the best place to rent from.

Mikes' cares about your safety and only rents new or near new motorcycles. Each motorcycle goes through a rigorous 40 point mechanical and performance check list before its rented.

A short Driving lesson

  • Private Filipinos drive carefully and rather slowly. Buses, taxis and vans are usually speeding.
  • There is no priority like "right of way". The rules are:
    1. Buses/Trucks
    2. Vans (in cities tricycles and motorelas)
    3. Cars
    4. Motorbikes
    5. Pedestrians
    6. Animals
  • Traffic enforcers override any other rule or traffic light.
  • A highway isn't a freeway or motorway. It has the width of a country road.
  • Use your horn when ever you overtake and when you see people on the road-side.
  • Outside the big cities only 20% of the cars have correctly working lights in the night. We recommend not to drive after sunset.
  • Beware of heavy rain. Landslides can block a high-way, non-concrete roads become non-navigable.
  • Beware of animals. Dogs cross the roads anytime. Other animals suddenly come out of the roadside bushes.


Priority? What priority?

Philippines traffic

There is no unique or uniform traffic law or traffic code. The best resource is: Land Transportation & Traffic Code (RA 4136, 1964)


Sometimes very dense traffic in cities

Philippines traffic


An awful accident

We hesitated to include this CCTV video clip because the clip contains heavy injury of 3 people.

We decided to show it to you, because such accidents happen every day in the Philippines.


This video had been recorded by a fixed police camera near Tarlac City on Christmas last year (2016).

Even if you are a really cautious driver, such accidents can hit you.


When watching this video you see a motorbike with 3 passengers, a kid, the driver and a 3rd person.

Keep an eye on all the persons not implicated in the accident. Only few people in the Philippines know about FIRST AID.