Frequently Asked Questions


Through our feedback and questions form we daily get a lot of questions belonging to Manila airports, NAIA airport, Manila terminals and airlines in the Philippines. Most of the questions are answered in this site, but people find it faster to send us their questions.

This why we created this page containing the most Frequently Asked Questions. You may also use the feedback form on this page to ask new questions.


Is there a place at NAIA 1 arrival lobby where i can buy a prepaid SIM card?


You can find SIM and load cards in all terminals. When the shops are closed, you can buy them from vending machines. The SIM cards are more expensive in these machines but the load cards have the same price.

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Does the domestic airport far from the international airport, shall I have to take a taxi ? I will come from Palawan and 6 hours later to Dubai.


6 hours are enough. Between Manila Domestic (NAIA-4) and Manila International you can take a shuttle-bus. It runs every 20-30 minutes. Follow the suttle-bus signs. A taxi costs about PHP 150.


Can I go out for a walk in Manila and left my luggage in the airport?


Only NAIA Terminal 3 has a real luggage hold. There are two luggage holds in NAIA-1 and one is in NAIA-2. Both are on arrival level near the luggage carousels. It is a bit tricky to get there from outside, but when you arrive, you can leave your luggage there for PHP 300 per day. You get a ticket which allows you later to enter the arrival area from outside. For inquiries: phone: +63 2 877-1109 local 3633. (updated April 01, 2009).


How long do we have to be at the airport before flight departure time?


The check-in counters open 3 hours before take-off. It is wise to be early, so you do not have to stand in a long line. Immigration and security control can quickly take 30 to 60 of your time. So we suggest to be at NAIA, Manila International Terminal, not later than 2 hours before take-off.


What are the charges for a Filipino to depart on an international flight?


Filipinos have to pay the travel tax. And all travelers have to pay the terminal fee. Please read the related pages.


I have a friend arriving from Macau. I dont know the flight number and when. or what time... Is there any way to find out if she already landed here in NAIA?


In normal times, airlines do not publish their passenger lists. Try to call your friend on her cellphone. The first thing people usually do after landing, is switch on their cellphones.




Where can I find the manifest of arrival passengers from period 06-08 april 2008 coming from united arab emirates U.A.E.?


In normal times, airlines do not publish their passenger lists. You should contact the airline.






First, please do not shout in UPPERCASE. You can bring your fishing gear and fish knife with you. But you must put them in the checked luggage and not the hand-carry. We also recommend, that you get in contact with a representative of the agriculture and fishery authority. So you will be sure that there is no problem when you are fishing here. You may ask for an officer at the airport. They are normally found on departure level.




I just want to ask if carrying few pieces of fruits going back to Mla is prohibited I'm going back there next week hope to recieve your answer before i go back.The fruits i want to bring is kiwi,plum and peaches.


At your arrival at NAIA Manila, you should inform customs about the fruits and their origin. There should be no problem for importation as long as you have only small quantities and there are no known diseases in the country of origin. Count another 30 minutes for this procedure (just in case you have a connecting domestic flight).




Is there luggage transportation available, so i can ship my luggage to a specific address?


Yes, there are feight forwarders in the Philippines. If you bring it yourself, inquire at the helpdesk at NAIA airport in Manila. There are different companies, such as LBC or Fastpack, that transport luggage to the islands. If you send it from abroad, there are 2 possibilities: 1) By Balikbayan box. This is slow, but very cheap. (Google for Balikbayan in your country). 2) By Fedex if you are in a hurry. They are expensive, but it goes fast and they have reliable partners here.




I bought 6 mp3 players as gifts in a retail outlet in australia. Do I have to declare them at manila airport?


We are not a law firm! The law says: Republic Act 1937, Book1, Title1: All articles, when imported from any foreign country into the Philippines, shall be subject to duty upon each importation. Please read the related pages.


Please enumerate what are the things I cannot bring in my hand carry (I believe hair spray needs to be checked-in) any other things? How about toothpaste, toothbrush and facial wash?


Any liquid container of 100ml or above is forbidden in your hand carry and must be checked in. We recommend to get all liquid out of your hand carry and put it in a transparent plastic bag. This facilitates controls and makes you pass faster. Aerosol containers (hairspray) are not allowed.Please read also the related pages.